The Sounding Board


Personal Guidance and Support


Have you ever been at a point where you felt your life was frozen? Your brain glazed over with confusion? Your “Rock Bottom” inching ever closer?  Yeah, me too.

We have all been at a point in our personal and professional life where we need a different perspective, a new idea, a fresh set of eyes and ears to find clarity in life’s situations. To find someone who has excelled through good and difficult experiences. A Sounding Board for new thoughts, solutions and clarity.

Someone, you can trust and is committed to helping you achieve your version of an Amazing life!

Somebody,  like me, for example…

With over 40 years as a businessman, mentor, entertainer and disruptor, I’ve experienced life’s successes and setbacks. I have experienced first hand what entrepreneurs, creatives and their families go through daily trying to balance their careers and personal life to the level they envision.

Since the beginning my passion has been observe, get educated, react and give back. My intent is to help you find your purpose, smooth out the speedbumps, encourage you to take action on your goals and hold you accountabile no matter what career or lifestyle you pursue.


I Help To Make Sense Of Life’s “What The F**K” Moments!

I Preach Result Driven Actions!

I’m determined to help those who are passionate about their talents but for whatever reason, can’t move forward.

Those that were willing to accept an new mindset and took committed action went on to build an strong career and life for themselves and their families. For example:

“Ricardo showed he truly cared about my life and future as an artist. We found what was holding me back and I’m now ready to take my art and my life to new levels without fear.” – Erika Louise – (Artist)

“Talking with friends and family about business is one thing. But talking with Ricardo gave us a different way of looking at our business. We now have better leads and 20% more revenue because of it.” – Sherri & Allanah Reed – (Event Catering Owners)

“I was just starting my business and had no real direction. I met Ricardo at a networking event. After a few meetings we had a workable plan. It saved me time and stress.” – James Castro – (Trainer)

Your Life Journey Is Unique To You. During Our Free Consultation,

Ricardo Will Listen As You Describe Your Goals.

Then together we’ll establish:

  • First and foremost if we’re a good match! I’ll tell you upfront If I can help or not. If not, I’ll try to recommend someone who is.
  • Clarify your strengths and weaknesses.
  • What common sense approach needs to be taken and how to confidently go about making it.
  • Deciding what changes to your environment needs to take place.
  • Our What Happens Next? Strategies

Together we will begin to unblock whatever is holding you back and I’ll suggest the guidence, tools and strategies for success.


If you are ready to be genuinely honest about your life, career and desire the results you’ve been missing, let’s talk.

Everyone deserves to Be Amazing and Stay Amazing!

And I would be honored to help you achieve your “Amazingness!”

Let’s Do This!