Ricardo Luis Cañez

Discovering Your Purpose and Taking Action To Achieve Success and Fulfillment

Will Make You Amazing.

Influencing Others With Your Knowledge and Experiences Will Inspire Everyone

To Stay Amazing!


Do What You Do Best!


This Is My Story.

(And What It Means For You…)

“Everything Is In Rhythm.”

“From Music To Passion To How You Live Your Life”

Hey there! The passion for giving back and help others achieve their dreams grew out of the principles my parents instilled in me combined with Amazing influences and some memorable life experiences.

My love for music started at an early age. Almost all my family were/are musicians and I literally spent hours listening to music learning, studying the talent and the emotions behind their art. It was the first Santana album that inspired me to pursue a career in music. And although I never “made it big”, the experiences and relationships would help develop my creative, entrepreneurial and leadership skills. It also gave me a different perspective on how the industry “works” without getting sucked into it’s “Black Hole”.

In 1990, I started an event entertainment business. It grew to become one of the most successful entertainment agencies in Arizona. I also shared my knowledge to the community as a consultant and speaker. I built a solid base by combined my talent, principles, life experiences and street smarts showing clients how to develop a different mindset and find innovative solutions to their professional and lifestyle questions.

I surrounded myself with great people who I trusted and had positive energy. I put in the work. Life was…. Amazing!

With anything in life, love and business, there are Amazing times and not so Amazing ones. The key is to learn and maintain who you are, your Inner Amazingness & Realness”,  along the way.

Gradually, the hustle, grind of a 24/7 lifestyle combined with some questionable relationships and even worse decisions would change everything!

 2:37 A.M. – “I’m Better Than This.”

“I Wasn’t Me Anymore.”

The first major anxiety episode was in 2007. The constant pressure to deliver as an entertainer and still maintain a personal life literally paralyzed me one evening. I came home from an event and could not move. At. All. With the help of my girlfriend, and remembering my principles, I eventually recovered.

Still the 24/7 Hustle mentality caused more stress, loss of confidence, relationships and business in the process. I reached out to “coaches” and even priests who all gave cookie cutter advice. Even my passion for music didn’t help!

Over the next few years, my mindset, life and business got progessively better. Decisions were made to scale the business and they proved to be, problematic. It was during this time when, again, the overwhelm started to kick in and on November 7th, I suffered a serious health issue. While lying in the hospital I realized, I wasn’t me anymore! Then I remembered an article by author/thought leader Robin Sharma, “The Rules For Being Amazing”. At 2:37 on a Sunday morning, lying there with IV’s inserted and machines buzzing, I made a life changing decision:

“I’m Better Than This. I Am Amazing!”

At that moment, I decided to escape my toxic environment and began the long process of starting over. I studied with some Amazing mentors and leaders, absorbing as much practical knowledge as I could. I rebuilt my life learning through successful and not so successful projects.

I dug deep to discover my true passion and purpose, which is simply to share my story and support as many people as I can to believe that they can create and live Amazing lives.

My company, Fermata Media Group, began working with entrepreneurs and artists again. I become an accountability partner, friend and teacher to some Amazing talented, success driven and open minded individuals. I started podcasts, hosted Mastermind Sessions, spoke to groups spreading the message of Amazingness. I hustled responsibly. I put in the work! And life is Amazing once again!

Ironically, I will always look at 2:37 A.M. as the best thing that ever happened to me! It gave me freedom to “Do What You Do Best”. To use my knowledge, common sense and experiences to change lives and culture for the better.


So What Does This Mean For You…

Hitting ‘Rock Bottom’ isn’t the worst part. It’s falling off the cliff hopelessly trying to grab onto tree limbs on the way down! Once you’ve hit the bottom, your choice is either to stay there defeated or dust yourself off, look up to where you were and climb up that mountain again.

Because you deserve to be up there. Again. To succeed and inspire.

My commitment is to give you the best resources, knowledge, support and strategies to help you achieve the life and career you envision. To help you identify the toxicity that exists and pick you up when you fall.

I have my Core Values, my Foundation, my Network of Mentors and Thought Leaders that help guide me.

Let me share their knowledge, and mine and let’s help you Stay Amazing!