The Master-Mind-Set Sessions

Our Next Full Sessions Begin January 2021

(Hopefully Live. If Not, Via Online Video)

Master Your Mind, Master Your Life

A Little Background…

The ‘Mastermind’ concept was popularized by Napoleon Hill in his book “Think and Grow Rich” written in 1937(!!)

In it he states: “The coordination of knowledge and effort between two or more people who work towards a definite purpose in a spirit of harmony…no two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third (Master) Mind

Since then, many high performing leaders have taken the concept and shaped it to fit the needs of their industry and grow personally and professionally.

We began our version of Mastermind Sessions in 2017. Our approach was to combine a small group of professions and personalities to share their stories of successes and set backs and learn from each others knowledge and experiences.

The live setting created an energy where goals were accomplished with more momentum and purpose. Members collaborated, challenged and grew together. As facilitator (that’s me), I helped direct the discussions and I added my own solutions to the issues discussed during the sessions. Guest influencers and experts joined occasionally to offer their knowledge. A ‘Hot Seat’ segment allowed a member to get feedback and advice from the group on a specific challenge.

Master-Mind-Set (The Evolution)

Things were Amazing in a Live setting until Covid hit! So, as any good entrepreneur does, we pivioted and began doing our sessions online. Not quite the same energy, but the results were incredible.

The first step toward any goal is the belief that you are capable of accomplishing it. A committed mindset will allow you to ’Master’ your belief system and participate fully in the group setting. In reality, all you need is organized knowledge, common sense and committing toward your goals.

Successful Mastermind Sessions includes collaboration, commitment, openess, accountability, trust amoung the members set in a confidential setting. With no more than eight members at one time, ours is a more focused and personal approach.

Along the way you sharpen you creative, business and life skills and grow as a professional and as a person. And with purpose and dedication, have a long career, a rewarding life and create a proud legacy.

The Master-Mind-Set Sessions is a Collective Learning and Sharing Experience that elevates your problem solving confidence and skills. You’ll have everyone motivating you, holding you accountable, giving you momentum, so you can accomplish your goals faster, smarter and with more clarity.

Interested In Learning If This Setting Is Right For You?

“Crossing Your Fingers Is Not Really A Plan…”

What Do Our Master-Mind-Set Members Think About Their Experience?

“Such an incredibly enjoyable experience! I shared my struggles and came away with great solutions from my team. My confidence has grown. I am now a “Ninja Tactician” with a realistic plan for my future! Totally worth the investment and commitment!”

Regina T.

Digital Entrepreneur

“The best part was the connections and friendships I’ve made attending. Ricardo and his team of experts genuinely care about giving you the best advice and support. I’ve confidently closed more deals since joining. I now have a new perspective on my career and life.”

Jeffery B.

Realtor / Coach

“I was very skeptical when my friend suggested I join. After the first meeting, I knew I had made the right decision. My “Hot Seat” session opened my eyes to the potential I have as a mentor to young men who feel they have no future. I’m now armed with tools to help them live an Amazing life.”

Alex G.

Educator / Mentor

“The “mindset” exercises are the best! Ricardo helped me discover what my mental blocks were. The “environment” exercises helped me clear out the toxicity in my life. My teammates have given me confidence and encouragement even after the sessions ended. What a great experience!”

Theresa N.

Photographer / Creative Consultant

“I had been in another Mastermind group before Covid. This one was different. Much more emphasis on discovering your life’s purpose. Yeah, business and being successful are important! But what you produce for your community is much more valuable. I found my hidden Leadership Soul.

Michael R.

Musician / Educator

“An Open Mind and A Defined Purpose

Are The Ultimate Powers That Make You Unstoppable!”

All Master-Mind-Set Sessions Include:

  • A Commitment to Solutions For Success
  • Expansion of Business, Creative and Lifestyle Skills
  • Weekly 90 to 120 minute Online Sessions (For Now)
  • Limited To Eight Members Per Session
  • Interactive Exercises
  • Weekly Strategy Challenges
  • Weekly Hot Seat Sessions
  • Guest Experts and Teachers
  • Workbook / Journal
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Progress Report From Ricardo and Team Members
  • Network With Other Success Minded Individuals
  • New!: Member Directory and Online Profile

The Ninety Day Clarity Sessions

  • Case Study Breakdowns
  • Visibility Strategies
  • Building Your Business Foundation
  • Solidifying Your Core Values
  • Perspective Planning Exercises
  • Legal and Financial Responsibilities
  • Family and Lifestyle Choices
  • Emotional Wellness Exercises
  • Sales Confidence Exercises
  • Consistency and Commitment
  • “Network Up!” Strategies
  • “Now What?” Action Steps
  • “Your Environment” Strategies

The Six Month Momentum Sessions

  • A More Detailed 90 Day Session Deep Dive
  • Discovering Your Leadership Soul
  • Communicate In The Language of Your Audience
  • Legacy Building
  • “Scream Louder!” Visibility Techniques
  • Financial Wellness
  • Next Level Mindset Management
  • Physical Wellness
  • Confidence and Believability Skills
  • Leveraging You Techniques
  • S.A.D. Discussion and Support (Emotional Wellness)
  • “The Pivot” Theory
  • Any Important Topics Relevnt To The Sessions

You’re Tempted To Join, Aren’t You?

Is Either Session A Right Fit For You?

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