January 23, 2020


Every one of you is Amazing. Sometimes, your “Amazingness” is buried deep inside you and needs to be brought out. We all have the potential to live amazing lives, to accomplish our dreams and influence others. If we’d only allow ourselves to do so.

What makes us Amazing? It’s the will to be persistent and committed. To share our knowledge and life’s lessons with the world. To have the leadership qualities that make everyone around us better. To live a life of service and integrity. To embrace our potential and grow as a human and #StayAmazing !

This show features Amazing individuals who have overcome challenges and have created new lives for themselves and in turn, inspire you to live your own Amazing lives. Each story powerful. Each guest great storytellers.

This first episode is a short description of who, your host, Ricardo is, what to expect from future shows and why “Amazing” is such an powerful word.