Ricardo Luis Canez

Dare To Be Amazing!

*Live With Purpose!

*Grow Your Skills!

*Develop A Winning Mindset!

*Leverage Your Career!

And Stay Amazing!

The Stay Amazing Movement

Live A Life Of Purpose, Fullfillment and Influence!

It’s more than a phrase. It’s a lifestyle. A Movement. A commitment to yourself to do your best. To be the most Amazing person you can. And in turn, inspire others to discover their ‘Amazingness’.

Our mission is to make the world more Amazing simply by taking small actions daily.

The “I Am Amazing” concept is actually about a change in perspective and purpose. Something that is needed now more than ever.

We’ll be sharing inspiring stories of Amazing individuals through our podcast, future blog posts, social media and a book that Ricardo is writing. In the meantime, join our movement and let us show you how to find and share your “Amazingness”.

Meet Ricardo

Do What You Do Best.

And Become Amazing!

After years of success as a entertainer and entrepreneur, the pressure of trying to balance his creativity, business and personal life finally took a toll. So on a beautiful November 7th, at 2:37AM, lying in a hospital bed, Ricardo found himself emotionaly and physically drained. He decided then that “I’m better than this. I Am Amazing”.

Since then, he has committed to helping others realize their potential, their ‘Amazingness’ and show how to avoid the toxic situations he and others like him have made.

Read on to see how his passion to help others can help you.

Solutions That Help You Stay Amazing!:

The Stay Amazing Show

The World Needs To Hear Your Story.

Get ready to be inspired, informed and influenced! Join your host Ricardo and enjoy conversations with talented artists, thought leaders, everyday people talking candidly about their life lessons and experiences.

Listen as they share how they faced life’s challenges and grew to lead Amazing lives. These Amazing story tellers will inspire you to live your own Amazing life! Besides our incredible guests, Ricardo will present mini episodes sharing his thoughts to help you find solutions for an Amazing career and life.

Listen and subscribe through: Apple Podcasts, Podbean, Amazon Podcasts, IHeart Radio, Spotify, TuneIn and Stitcher.

The Master-Mind-Set Sessions

Creating Solutions Based Strategies

Especially now, finding the advice, support or clarity on a career or life issue can be difficult. Do you feel there’s no outlet to find solutions for your creative roadblocks, mindset or lifestyle questions? We all go through these struggles. By actively participating in our private Master-Mind-Set Sessions, the emphasis is on the sharing of ideas and accountability to focus on solutions to grow and thrive in this new decade and beyond. To Become and Stay Amazing!

These sessions are not for everyone. If you are open minded, able to receive and offer advice freely, commit to do the work and determined to grow personally and professionally, we invite you to join other like minded individuals in building your future.

The Sounding Board Sessions

Personal Guidance And Support

Using my over forty years of business and life experiences, network building, knowledge and passion, I help creatives, entrepreneurs, students clarify their message to expand their business, life and creative skills. I’ll listen and if we’re a good fit, together we’ll design solutions to create your Amazing career.

By dedicating yourself to developing a different perspective, put in the work and having me as your accountability partner, you’ll be able to take on your challenges and create an Amazing lifestyle

If you’re ready to begin, schedule a free 30 minute conversation today to see if we can help you Stay Amazing!